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About L/C



Linen Culture is my own small world and a shop specialising in... linen bedding.

After first discovering modern linen bedding while living in Paris, I dreamt of not having to choose just one or two bedding sets but having a rainbow of colors all to myself. After a year of research and design, my first collection is ready and my store is officially open for business as of June 1, 2019.

I hope my first collection of classic two-tone linen bedding will soon expand to include a rainbow of colors and other home goods that share the same traits as linen: highly versatile, elegant, understated and perennial. 

To me, linen perfectly symbolises they way I strive to live and design my home. It is refined yet laidback. It is easy to care for and it brings me joy. It will adapt to any new house I make our home.

I am for...

...beds that take less than thirty seconds to make in the morning (especially as it is me who is making all the beds in my house right now)

...home decor that is elegant but doesn't take itself too seriously

...splurging on the things one uses daily and borrowing things one only needs for a day with less

...taking time to care for your things 

...investing in things that last at home, planting your own herbs, turning off the phone

...great customer service

...small actions that help our planet and mankind

I am against...

...beds with armies of throw pillows which serve no purpose 

....the top sheet that just gets crumpled under your feet

 ...buying only out of convenience

...synthetic fabrics

...just one favourite color